Blogs and Frogs

“It is as dangerous for people unaccustomed to handling words and unacquainted with their technique to tinker about with these heavily-charged nuclei of emotional power as it would be for me to burst into a laboratory and play about with a powerful electro-magnet or other machine highly charged with electrical force. By my clumsy and ignorant handling, I should probably, at the very least, contrive to damage either the machine or myself; at the worst I might blow up the whole place. Similarly the irresponsible use of highly-electric words is very strongly to be deprecated.”

Dorothy L. Sayers, “The Creative Mind” in Unpopular Opinions: Twenty-One Essays

I am conscious as I write anything on the “net” that it is dangerous tinkering. Especially when I consider that it was the power of the word that God used in creation. I believe that part of being created in the image of God is that we can speak life, and since the fall of humanity we can also speak death. I am cognizant that at many times I am better to remain quite. I do not worry so much that people think me a fool, but that a foolish word may destroy that God has created.

I have called this Blogs and Frogs because I realize that my words may be nothing but an annoying croak to some. However, because I do believe that we are made in the image of God I believe that the words that God may choose to speak through me will also bring life. Therefore I take the risk to write.